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Who is God
Hearing God 2
Protect your faith
Is there a God 1
Is the Bible true 3
The Process of Change 1
Who is God 2
Hearing God 3
Protect your faith 2
Is there a God 2
Is the Bible true 4
Worship God with your Life
The Process of Change 2
Who is God 3
Following God
Prayer 1
Is there a God 3
Hypocrisy in your heart
Let God be Magnified
Now I Can Choose
Who is God 4
Following God 2
Prayer 2
Is there a God 4
Managing Your Mind

Take out the Garbage

I Am Dead To That
Who is God 5
Following God 3
Prayer 3
Is the Bible true 1
Good Conscience
Sign Me Up
The Power Source
Hearing God
Following God 4
Simplicity of Salvation
Is the Bible true 2
Let's Get Specific
The Power of Faith